We believe China is the market with the best growing rate both for its population and fast development during the last 25 years. Seafood is outstanding at the base of this consumption where we can see salmon fish has achieved an important position.

In the pure cold Antarctic waters off the coast of Southern Chile, New World Currents salmon is specially nurtured and handled in stress free environments throughout, to ensure only the highest quality and best tasting fish.We are proud and committed to make it available for seafood consumers.


We aim to consolidate New World Currents as the leading brand in the Chinese salmon market, serving the needs of our customers by providing a quality product and excellent service.

Founding Partners

 This company was formed in the union of four consolidated Chilean salmon companies (Australis, Blumar, Camanchaca & Yadran) and was created exclusively for competing in the Chinese market.

Each of these companies has a well known prestige in the seafood business all around the world. Today we represent 20% of Chilean salmon production being the number one exporter in the country, so we are able to supply China´s market for the whole year round. This group has a big potential to keep growing in the salmon area.

Each one of our salmon fish is harvested from the unique pristine cold Antarctic currents. This natural advantage allows our unpolluted fishing grounds produce healthy and rich salmon of the highest quality.

With a fully vertically integrated operation in each of its Aquaculture Divisions, NWC has full control of all aspects of the process. This process starts in seedlings (hatcheries) and reaches into the final gourmet seafood products, meeting international market needs.

Our Products

From the Hatchery, salmons are transferred to remote Ocean sites. The sites are selected for their pristine flow of ocean water with maximum tidal movement to nurture NWC’s superior texture and taste.

When salmon is grown up for harvest, fish is taken to our modern processing facilities. This is where, under the strictest international “Quality Control” certified processing standards, NWC produces the Gourmet Products that is so famous in Global Markets.

Fillets and portions, expertly trimmed for convenient and cost-effective preparation, are available year round, fresh or frozen, in a variety of sizes and specifications.


Each division’s management team is specifically focused to operate environmentally sustainable aquaculture operations and processing plants that are second to none, meeting all international quality control standards.


New World Currents is committed to responsible aquaculture.

We strive to offer high quality salmon from Best Aquaculture Practices-certified processing plants, farms and feed mills.